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Atlantic Cape May Workforce Investment Board

Earl Axelson , Chairperson
Rhonda Lowery, Executive Director

Atlantic County Workforce Development Board

The Workforce Development Board maintains partnerships between the public and private sector to develop policies and evaluate the readiness, at the county level to deliver a workforce prepared for employment in today's evolving economy.

Board Members

The Atlantic County Workforce Development Board

The WDB is comprised of 36 representatives, shared between Atlantic and Cape May Counties. Meetings are conducted quarterly at locations throughout the community. These meetings are open to the public. The March 24th meeting will be held at America Works, 8025 Black Horse Pike in West Atlantic City, NJ.


Name Title Agency Category Term
Axelson , Earl Associate  McCann Realty and Shore Real Estate School  Business   2013-2016 
Baker , Ann Marie Vice President of Human Resources   Crest Savings Bank   Business   2015-2018 
Beatty, Alan Vice President of Human Resources   Shore Medical Center  Business  2013-2016 
Braithwaite , Lalita Owner   Cherish the Moments, LLC  Business  2013-2016 
Brown , Dan Executive Director   Atlantic City Rescue Mission  Community Based Organization   2015-2018 
Cain, Tanya Grant Development/Job Coordinator   Atlantic City School District   Education  2013-2016 
Clements , Eric General Manager   Bass Pro Shops   Business   2015-2018 
Constantino, Patricia Executive Director Training and Employment Services   Pathstone Corporation, NJ  One Stop Partner   2013-2016 
Drew, James   The Borgata     
Ford, Mark Executive Director   Enphront Veterans Services   Public Sector   2016-2019 
Foster, Roy Assistant Business Manager   IBEW Local 351   Organized Labor   2015-2018 
Gilmore , Forrest Department Head   Atlantic County Dept. of Family & Community Development/Atlantic City One Stop Career Center  One Stop Partner   2014-2017 
Greco, Michael Manager   FAA Air Transportation System Evaluation Division   Public Sector   2014-2017 
Guenther, Dr. Philip Superintendent   Atlantic County Institue of Technology   Education  2013-2016 
Hamilton , Spencer Owner   Shore Green Energy, LLC  Business   2013-2016 
Hohmann , Ellen President   Innovative Leadership of Delaware Valley   Business  2015-2018 
Hudanich, Dr. Nancy Superintendent   Cape May County Vocational School  Technical/Career School  2014-2017 
Hunter , Byron Vice President of Human Resources   Cape Regional Medical Center   Business  2014-2017 
Kelly , Daniel President   Community Quest, Inc.   Community Based Organization   2014-2017 
Kelly, Joseph Executive Director   Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce   Economic Development  2014-2017 
Kincaid, Rosalind Vice President of Administration   Casino Reinvestment and Redevelopment Authority   Economic Development  2014-2017 
Koch, Stephanie   JEVS/Human Services     
Konczyk, Daniel Legislative Representative   UFCW Local 152  Organized Labor   2013-2016 
Kuhn, Francis One Stop Coordinator   Atlantic Cape May Office of Workforce Development, Training and NJ Youth Corps   One Stop Partner   2014-2017 
Lazarchick, Ph.D , Michael Trainer   National Employment Counseling Association  Business  2013-2016 
Lovering, Richard Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development   AtlantiCare Health System   Business  2014-2017 
Maloney , Sara Acting Deputy Director   Cape May County Board of Social Services   One Stop Partner  2014-2017 
McClellan, Paul   NJ Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development     
Mora, Dr. Peter President  Atlantic Cape Community College  Education  2015-2018 
Palumbo, Desirree Director of Human Resources   Atlantic Medical Imaging   Business  2013-2016 
Pezzulo, Anthony Director of Work & Process Manangement  South Jersey Gas Company   Business  2013-2016 
Plewa , George Executive Director   Jersey Cape Diagnostic, Training and Opportunity Center  Business  2014-2017 
Quinn , Peggy Consultant  Que Consulting  Business  2013-2016 
Rajput, Riaz Chief Executive Officer   Global Community Services   Business  2013-2016 
Reynolds, Eric President and CEO   Workforce Connections, LLC  Business  2013-2016 
Sooy, Claire Director of Education   AtlantiCare Health System   Business  2015-2018 
Wimberg, Jr. , Charles Vice President   Atlantic City Electric Company  Business  2013-2016 
Woods , Alice   United Way of Philadelphia & South Jersey     


The Atlantic County Workforce Development Board meets on the second Thursday of every other month at 9:00 a.m. at various locations throughout the community. Please visit "Committees" for specific information about each WDB committee.